In the first issue this year, I spoke about the New Moon in Capricorn with the Sun also in Capricorn followed by Mercury moving into Capricorn and how all this could prove to be lessons about limitation and discipline. Well, let me just say I’ve learned a great deal and am continuing to learn about myself and the world I’ve created through my own acts of limitation.
This newsletter is not about me. Much I share with you is, however, based on my learning and experiences in my own life. For that reason, I want to share with you how important it is to get to really know yourself and to question why you prevent yourself from experiencing certain things that you really would like to experience.
This past transit of the Sun, Moon and Mercury through Capricorn have shown me that, even if you are one of those of us who think we are aware and somewhat enlightened, you can still have fear and doubt that keeps you from living a life of joy and abundance. It’s rather surprising and humbling to recognize that you are still dealing with wounds and scars that you thought you had come to terms with and let go of long ago.
This is no pity-party. It’s a revelation! There are still energies to transmute and transform; obstacles to embrace and release; healing to take place and empowerment to create. I’m still on that adventure called life, discovering that little known territory…ME!
I know I’m not alone, even though each of our journeys differs somewhat. Know that you are not alone as you take your own personal journey. I’m right here, too, putting one foot in front of the other, as we “ease on down the road.”
And now to the busy week ahead…

For those of us who follow a Pagan spiritual path Wednesday, February 2nd is known as Candlemas or Imbolg.
This is a major holy day that celebrates the waxing light that began at the Winter Solstice or Yule. It is sometimes called “The Feast of the Waxing Light.”
“Imbolg” is Irish Gaelic and means “in the belly”. It represents the first stirrings of Spring in the belly of the Earth.
In ancient Rome, February was a time of cleansing. “Februarius mensis” means ‘the month of ritual purification.’
The goddess most associated with this day is Brigid (Bride, Brid, Brigante are all variations of her.). She is a radiant triple Muse-Goddess who is also a goddess of fertility.
For Christianity, this is a day known as the Purification of the Virgin Mary.

So, you say you’re not much into spirituality right now? Hey, that’s ok! For you, Wednesday, February 2nd is Groundhog’s Day!
From the British Isles to France, from Spain to Germany and especially in the United States, there is a widespread belief that if there is bad weather on this day, Winter is over. Good weather, however, means there is more Winter to come.
Why was the groundhog and him seeing his shadow chosen to represent this? I can’t say for certain, but perhaps it’s because he/she lives “in the belly” of the Earth. Hey, who would know best when Spring is about to burst forth than this little creature?

I’ve noticed as we approach 2012, and the center of the Milky Way, certain events seem to grouping themselves together as if to call our attention to the intensity and impact of the energies upon us.
So here we are with Candlemas, Groundhog’s Day and the New Moon all happening on Wednesday, February 2nd. This New Moon in Aquarius happens at 9:31 p.m. EST.
As the Moon begins to wax, this is a time for new beginnings in areas of imagination, freedom, and humanitarianism. It’s a time to start looking at things differently – in a unique, even unconventional way. This is an excellent time to begin breaking free from patterns of behavior that no longer serve you.
This is a time that is more intellectual than emotional. After all, Aquarius is an air sign even when it’s occupying the planet connected with the emotions – the Moon. If you don’t find yourself effected by these energies, you may find others being friendly but in a detached manner. Take no offense. They’re just feeling the energies of Aquarius and requiring space along with limited restrictions in their lives.
This is an excellent time to find the uniqueness within yourself and start expressing it!

The busy week continues with the beginning of the Chinese New Year. On Thursday, February 3rd the Year of the Rabbit begins. In general, the Rabbit is associated with longevity and the Moon.
The Year of the Rabbit generally deals with the family, artistry and diplomacy. In comparison to this past Year of the Tiger, it is a placid year and, if you felt the effects of the Tiger, you will be very appreciative of that calmer energy. Heck, depending on your experiences with Tiger, you may want to just find a nice, quiet spot to lick your wounds!
This year will be a time of sensitivity, discretion and refinement. This is a time to pay attention to your intuition while applying concentration to all areas of your life.
Guard against becoming overindulgent this year. Rabbit energies tend to spoil those who like too much comfort and make them less effective in their lives.
The good news is that money can be made this year without too much work. To quote one of my sources, “Our life style will be languid and leisurely as we allow ourselves the luxuries we have always craved for. A temperate year with unhurried pace. For once, it may seem possible for us to be carefree and happy without too many annoyances.” That sounds really, really good to me!
One last word about this Year of the Rabbit. Each Chinese zodiac sign has one of five different elements assigned to it each time it occurs. This 2011 Rabbit is Metal. This makes Rabbit a little more courageous than normal. These Rabbits are more self-confident and forthright. They are also more ambitious. Metal makes the Rabbit more rigid and sometimes even indifferent to the feelings of others. If you were born in 1951, you are a Metal Rabbit.
The last time the Year of the Rabbit occurred was in 1999.

Thursday, February 3rd also sees Mercury move into Aquarius at 5:19 p.m. EST.
The energies from this transit are those of the true humanitarian. It also provides the energies to “see” people clearly.
If you’ve been thinking about viewing life from a different perspective, this placement allows the mind to open to new experiences. Aquarius, being more impersonal than other signs, allows the mind to be more objective, unbiased and truthful.
Mercury in Aquarius is a time when it is possible to manifest high intuitive faculties through communication with the Universal Mind (Cosmic Consciousness, etc.) by transcending the individual ego. There is an expansion of ones ability to view life in a broader sense, thus promoting humanitarianism.
This is a time of working with groups and organizations.

The final offering of the heavens is Venus moving into Capricorn on Friday, February 4th at 0:58 a.m. EST.
Capricorn, with its ruling planet Saturn, makes Venus more serious and, in some cases, even negative where romance is concerned. Anyone born with this placement or feeling the effects of these energies, can be jealous and possessive where their loved one is concerned. They can be touchy and very particular about other people’s attitudes about them. There is a tendency to be suspicious.
These energies do support faithfulness and domestic living. However, if there is rejection in a relationship, things can become antagonistic and cold.
On the upside, it does add a lustiness to the sexual side of life!
Obviously, this is not the best of placements for Venus. As we approach Valentine’s Day, remember to keep things light-hearted and loving and you’ll make it through this transition of Venus in Capricorn just fine!

The work continues on the web site, albeit slowly. I’m shooting for sometime around the Full Moon in March and the Vernal Equinox to launch it. That’s where you will be able to subscribe to “Musings” from that point on and will find other articles and a Market Place with goods and services. I hope, once it launched, you’ll check it out!



Until next time, remember…


Love & Blessed Be,
Lady Maya

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